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‚ÄčThe linkr mobile is compatible with all our remote starts. Basically with this system you can start your vehicle any where in the United States.

System features:

Powered by Verizon Networks.

Panic button included.

2 min auto track w/panic

Car alarm alert

Low vehicle battery alert

Security fence alert

Speed alert

Built in GPS.

Service plans are $39.95, $59.95, $69.95, $107.95 per year.



We carry the Excalibur remote car starters. 

They offer one way systems, two way systems, and remote start with security.

Ranges from 1000 ft, 3000 ft, up to a mile. 

Standard features include:

Compatible with Omega linkr smartphone interface.

Keyless entry.

Trunk release.

Up to 20 min run time.

Low volt & temp auto start.

Horn honk option.

Light flash output.

Window mount antenna with built in status lights & valet switch.