6" Pro Sport Halogen Pair Pack                           8" Pro-Sport Halogen Pair Pack

Starting at $268.39                                                       Starting at $304.99

KC Pro-Sport Series lights feature a tough, durable and compact impact resistant polymax composite housing with a 100W Halogen bulb producing a lighting system that lights up the night for your Jeep, Truck and SUV Off Road Lighting needs. KC Pro-Sport lighting category features race tested Halogen design and engineering at a consumer affordable price.





Slimlite is an ultra shallow profile yet powerful offroad light that will exceed your night time lighting needs.

​​​​6" Daylighter Halogen Pair Pack System

KC HiLiTES Daylighter 6" round Halogen light. Comes in a variety of housings, including black powder coat, chrome, or stainless steel. Package also comes with classic KC Daylighter smiley face plastic cover.

Available in 130 Watt Spread, 100 Watt Spot and 120 Watt Spot.  Starting at $189.95.

Rally 800

KC Rally 800 Halogen Off Road Lights feature rugged, 8-inch round, thin profile Stainless Steel housings with sturdy, oversize mounting flanges. Rally 800's are race and time-tested when you are looking for extreme lighting output at high speeds and long distances.

Available in 130 Watt Spread and 130 Watt Spot.  Starting at $396.00


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KC Daylighter® is the original Performance Off Road light. Daylighters feature time tested, tough off road performance and have been available in 55W, 100W and 130W Halogen for over 45 years. Utilizing KC's superior time-tested optical design our Daylighters will out perform all of your night lighting needs across Jeep, Truck and SUV Off Road Lighting needs.

6" SlimLight Pair Pack System - Starting at $232.00